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Bali Holidays

I'll hold on to this arm cuz I need to be swept away swept away I'm cornered in the cold will you miss me hey guys so welcome to this new vlog we arrived to Bali yesterday and we just kind of hung out chill today here by the pool but what I wanted to say is we are going now to have some lunch well it's very late lunch for us it's like 4 p.m. here and then three more people are coming tonight which is JD's brother whose wife and a friend of ours so it's gonna be fun before 


I go I just wanted to show you our villa so we're staying at Villa Nala and it's sort of just open air Villa has this really really nice kitchen like dining room table and my favorite place in the pool and then there's three bedrooms so this is sort of like smallest bedroom there's another bedroom here and then the last one which is ours let me show to you very nice and look at this bathroom I love it it's so beautiful I'll show you tomorrow what I packed for this trip and ya know let's go and have this little scooter 

I get a blue helmet nice Kathie's expectations arrive to our lunch spot excited to sit outside I got a vegan burger feeding feeding the monster eating my foot I just have to keep her happy put a burger and fries in front of her with a male and I have my coffee and have a small yeah and the monster bri-bri god of the hamburger yes and let's try cartel at coffee cart all you have to order burger not coffee what does that do forgiveness honest by the way guys I wanted to thank you for recommending all these stretch friends and cafes on my answer and I'm going to ask where should we eat something that in Bali

 so thank you so much because our list is endless and we only have about nine days here so we're probably gonna check out like four or five days there just comes back from Villa and we're waiting for Ginny's brother he's so excited CD on a scale from 1-10 how excited are you yeah cousin Tina's brother for like an hour nasi goreng just arrived yes dinner's really so the bit is okay so we on when my brother and his wife and my friend are gonna arrive they landed the same flight as us so we got in sometime around midnight 

we had we got checked at customs and we did it free but they're free and we've also what else we changed money as well so I'm banking on on them not doing having to do all of that so my it's 20 it's 23 20 right now Bree said 23 25 so it's like - I said 23 30 and Danny yeah let's see what is the loser the loser if it's the guys we have to do 20 push-ups easy peasy and if it's British yes 200 squats now and she chose that I didn't she said I can do a hundred squats I'm gonna go check maybe they're coming I really don't want to do those squats they're still not here nope still not here ha ha seriously 

Oh Daniel oh my gosh you guessed it 1 minute later that's crazy so Danny 20 push-ups okay so down was Danny's turn to pay for losing okay what do you guys say they say what do you say most it's a mask and it's not math it's a moss what do you say it it's a mess it's a mess exactly you're outnumbered here it's not a mosque it sounds to me like musk you know but like her prolonged mosque I don't know what that means your massive poof I'm sorry in advance so this is Africans watching this good morning guys state is date three here in Bali 

it's actually like 1:00 p.m. now yesterday we stayed up quiet lanes and the pool we have two drinks and stuff and I chose to work out with a little bit of a sore throat so I'm not feeling sick it's just like it's a little bit sore but that's it um I just took a shower and got ready and it's so humid I'm sweating inside my room that's crazy but yeah so we're getting ready now to go for lunch oh by the way I wanted to show you what I brought with me to Bali or the skincare so 

I have this set right here dr. Barbara storm as the Germans would say and it's the set for your face which contains anti-pollution jobs go jobs and some drops with the SPF protection so I've been using this one out for two days which I love so pretty nice set and for my body I got this Bally body set and I really like it actually this is like a coconut lip balm this is watermelon flavored tanning oil it's like a bronzing lotion that you can put off to tanning or just want to go out and stuff this is a BB cream guys just wanted to say this is not sponsored I legit bought both of these things and I just wanted to share with you because actually we do like them so so by the way story time yeah tell us tell us the story what is this this is my I know right savate

 it is from Dubai but so as you guys saw on my London blog he got an Osmo for me for his birthday but do you think this is the same Osmo huh is it the same is there the same it is not he forgot it at home of course great mistake yeah and you guessed and brought it yesterday when he came so he bought it at the airport because I'm gonna stand it he's gonna sell it so now good price good so yeah we have to Osmos now well by the way guys how do you like this cute bracelet I have a matching one as well on my foot and this girl she sent me also this choker so it's like a whole set it's very nice I am wearing this bag here it's so so popular here in Bali everyone wears it and

 I mean you can find it in any market here but I actually bought this in New York like 7 months ago and yeah I really love it girlfriend girlfriend lunch is ready having traditional pork meal I ordered the tempeh MA it's really good Bon Appetit guys I was feeling 1 to 10 how good was your meal I'll give it a solid eight solid eight what about you they had the same meal today this was a 9.5 what about you guys how good was your meal from one to ten seven guys look we're in Bali check out hey guys so this is a couple of days later since the last stuff that you saw we arrived yesterday to George and we actually got really sick I feel a little bit better to do something I'm going to pick up the camera again but yesterday three of us got sick I had very high fever and I don't know I just had like stomach pain then they had the two people that stomach bug so 

I feel like we got like food poisoning and then we got maybe dehydrated I'm a walking so yeah we were not feeling our best so we were just taking it easy when we got here to a good I'm here just in our villa actually in this massive bathroom I'll just show you now there's this amazing bathtub here and we are literally in the jungle it's so cool but I'm gonna show you the whole Villa later we finished our breakfast a while ago so I just got ready and we're going to Monkey Forest right now I've been there before

 but still I'm very excited to go cuz it's so nice to see that my keys and jungle and stuff so it should be fun oh and by the way this is my outfit I got this back in seminyak two days ago and I'm wearing this shell choker sudbury looks like when she wakes up shut up we got something magical pretending that nobody knows try to happen chose lost my sense of logic go take that and go like stop never turn to there we go all sorts of okay this one yeah but already come the red color red yes can be read but the process copy do all the hand no machine yeah the best copy from Bali Arabica and robusta yeah copy love 

but that tastes like caramel do you make pandan cake from this yes but and here mcnutty let's put together for self cream and some honest again it's good for stomach problem yeah oh we need bad you don't count the smell because after the roasting you can the smell it's on the poop from the animal oh because animal is vegetarian Parrish pass yeah but Allah is last kappa he'll know she dick from copy this one distill the tea and a washing woman water come like this Oh ready wash nothing about the concept so this is also poop yeah the poop already clean compare Ambala coffee it's different yeah dunno up this bigger because they'll walk all it's just the best coffee of course they eat the fruit is the poo let them like the it they're like papaya the poo papaya oh it could be

 if the food for we can interpret different like coffee yeah you compare the work is the bigger because you know a college is the best coffee the stronger Mbali copy mix together yeah but only from Bali we have good you see how do the process copy area near that the old manual process in a new machine all everything manually traditional one time roasting about the 45 minutes 45 minutes wow that's crazy so now we're gonna taste the coffee is it hot yes 20 half body coffee you can pull in from the list yeah yes because I already put less ice cream tumeric tea basically right yeah yeah it's from defenestration buffalo now darling

I like this as well yeah that's not this is how it is I'm doing a tea I'm bigger than T than coffee yeah looks like like alcohol stays like candy oh that's amazing so here they have a shop where you can buy the season coffees that you taste oh you like the Judah chocolate so for example this one it's like ground already you put the filter you just make it one cup a tea spoon you know but you drink above the line so you drink you leave the water season oh you put the powder inside yeah that's it yes you take the top and you just drink the top yeah how many cups can you run up until petit cup one cup only one teaspoon hot water 1 teaspoon vanilla and we want to be just the lemongrass lemongrass nice burn yeah yeah yeah we prefer no sugar and this one also already know George ok so guys if you want to check out this place is called Santi plantation as you can see here you never have too many times

 don't worry be what they're gonna take much convincing expectations play like this guy reality bro it's only people's dreams I'm sorry but you're not very good today we're going to the waterfalls and I just wanted to give a shout out to this brand from Australia called colonic keaney's for sending me these lovely bikinis over here I can't wait to take pictures with them hey guys right now it's like 8 p.m. and we came back from the waterfalls couple of hours ago so I'm a bit shiny as I can see in the front camera we just had like sheep mess outside I'm not faces relaxing and stuff but I wanted to give you a quick update so I'm just in a movie camera there's not really anything around where 

I can put it I hate holding it but anyway so he'll do that I'm still quite sick and today when we went to the waterfalls we actually had like about seven places that we wanted to see and four of them were waterfalls and then the other three were like swinging and like water policy things like that but we ended up doing just one waterfall first of all because right now we're staying in ubud and it took us I think like a bit more than two hours of like 2 hours to get to born waterfall then we had to hike down and then to go back after the waterfall so base crew ended up spending like four almost five hours and just one more fall and then we had to go drive all the way back

 I mean we have a driver but still it's just such a tiring day that we were like okay we can do more and to be honest with you it's quite dangerous to phone because you know I'm just holding my bag like this as I walk and like there's wet stones and you know you're most of the time like hiking in the water or on the stairs out of breath hiking up the hill so it was a pretty difficult kind of situation to be filming in yeah excuse again how I look I don't really care at this point I just wanted to give you an update and explain stuff but I'm really enjoying our stay here because we're just amazing it's so so different compared to like the other parts of Bali and it's less crowded so crowded but it's not as crowded there so like off-the-charts here but it's not esters these that make sense and 

it's very like jungle vibes and which is really beautiful and relaxing so that's it and tomorrow actually well not even yet tomorrow in five hours we have to wake a Pacific climbing mountain the tour I don't know how we're gonna be able to climb after climbing today the whole day but let's see how to coast and I'm gonna try to film a little bit when we're doing it cause it's all gonna be dark at 3:00 a.m. so let's see how it goes okay but I'm gonna go wash my face now because it's so exciting from the mask and yeah I'm gonna try and get some sleep and hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow it is almost 4:00 in the morning and we're about to climb okay now you know just as you do everyday life everyday life yeah is it an active volcano is it an active volcano what - 

I don't think it is okay so we might never make it back okay this is more for the record than anything else yeah yeah so in case somebody finds the camera but not the body I need to make sure that camera gets back yeah Bree hi Bree good day and you good day JD JD now that's a good day 32 good day oh so we're gonna try to make it for sunrise and it should be epic we'll give you an update in about half an hour let's see how this goes I'm still alive yeah if we're still alive yeah if the volcano doesn't erupt you okay Sam we're almost halfway look minute shining soaking soaking with sweat it's really toughen it's just like a two kilometre hill .

but when it's uphill it's so much more harder then you your regular hike Wow look at it it's red crazy epic fail JD is having a massive cramp and he can't walk down to here anymore this is the worst camper I've ever had in my life I've had cramps like this fling you get him like football stuff but not something as bad as this you get a good memory I don't have to go all the way down so you can't even see it that's how far we're gonna go home sweet home Peter perfect after a long day you may.

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  1. Seeing Dholpin in Lovina , Bali . In the early morning , our tour  guide will pick you up at lobby hotel at 03.00 and transfer you to Lovina Beach . At 5.30 you will arrive at Lovina Beach, directly we will transfer by outrigger ( Jukung ) boat to see the attractions of over than 50 friendly Dolphin and you will welcome by a nice sunshine. After having tour, you get breakfast at local restaurant by the beach. On the way back we will stop at Bedugul to see the Ulun Danu Temple which is located at Lake  Beratan . We will stop at local restaurant for your lunch time. Before arriving at hotel, you will enjoy Tanah lot temple, see the temple on the sea.
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    • Tohpati Village: Batik Factory.
    • Celuk Village:  Gold & Silver Smith.
    • Mas Village: Wood Carving
    • Ubud: Puri Saren and Ubud Market
    • Batuan Village: Balinese House Compound.
    • Goa Gajah: Elephant Cave
    • Tampak Siring: Spring Water Temple
    • Kintamani: Volcano Batur and lake Batur, Lunch time
    • Jimbaran for Dinner ( seafood ).

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