Bali News Today: Bedugul, 3 lakes : Buyan & Tamblingan, Beratan lakes

Bali News Today: Volcano & Monkeys Fores

This Tour Start on 8;30 Morning until 5;00 ( during 8 0r 9 hours), You Will See:

  1. Barong dance is a dance symbolizing good and evil spirits. The Barong is symbolized with a creature resemble a tiger and the witch is symbolized with frightening lady with long teeth sharp tusk, big breasts and always hanging long tongue called Rangda. Since the witch has a very strong magic power, dozen of the Barong assistants who intended to attack Rangda were hypnotized and committing suicide by stabbing themselves by kris.
  2. Balinese Compound, a settlement pattern of Balinese that has a very unique architecture because each elements of the construction is to be related with the religious and traditional believes.
  3. Gold and Silver smith, they create many elegant designs, which are greatly influenced by local tradition. The villages known as the best place for this art works are Desa Celuk near Batubulan town, and Desa Singapadu, fordering with Desa Celuk
  4. Goa Gajah, the 11th Buddhist Monastery carved on a rock. Depending on the time, we drive directly to the Kintamani mountain resort with its magnificent view of the mount Batur crater where lake Batur and active mount Batur are located. Lunch will be served at Puri Dewata Restaurant Penelokan Kintamani.
  5. Tirta Empul - a water spring temple located at Tampak Siring, with its old myth described on a manuscript called Usana Bali says that a Balinese arrogant king named Maya Denawa who did not believe in God and objected people to worship. His arrogance made him attacked by the warriors of Bhatara Indra and put him away from the throne. But with his powerful weapons, all warriors of Bhatara Indra were poisoned till dead
  6. Coffee Plantation: Walking amongs fields of local fruits, Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla, Clove plantation .Bali coffee found mostly in the mountain central part of Bali, there are 2 kinds of Bali coffee the farmers grow in Bali is Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee.
  7. Tegallalang Terrace Rice. and around – the village of Tegalalang, 7kmnorth of Ubud, is known for its brightly painted woodcarvings, a craft that has caught on so successfully in the area that almost the entire length of the twelve-kilometer-long Ubud-Tegalalang-Pujung road is now lined with shops selling painted mobiles, animals and figurines, interspersed with outlets specializing in antique or contemporary furniture.
  8. KIntamani Volacano.Kintamani - a mountain resort with its breathtaking view, magnificent view of the still active volcano Mount and Lake Batur with smoky Agung volcano in the background. Mount Batur has erupted three times in 1917, 1926 and the biggest one on 1963. 

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Half Day Tour Car Charter Denotion / Entrance fee / Ticket

Coffee Plantation : Free

Tirta Empul  : Entrance fee / Ticket Rp15.000/ pax

Goa Gajah: Denotion Rp 15.000 / pax

Barong Dance: Ticket for performace: Rp 100.000/pax

 Kintamani  : Entrance fee / Ticket Rp15.000/ pax 

 TEgallalang  : Entrance fee / Ticket Rp5.000/ pax 

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