Saturday, 27 June 2015

Enjoy The Coffee Plantation , Which is Famous with Tropical Plantation

The island of Bali, Indonesia has numerous coffee plantations. The Dutch introduced the coffee bean to the island and exported it worldwide. Long after Bali gained independence from the Netherlands, coffee plantations are still major money makers. They produce coffee for export and double as tourist attractions.

The romantic tropical history lures visitors across the seas. People want to see the Bali plantations carved from the steamy jungles. They want to view sunsets while sitting on the veranda sipping a tall cool drink under a gently swaying fan. They want to smell the fragrant ripe coffee berries. They want to hear insects chirp off in the distance. These sights and sounds are what Bali represents to many people around the world.

Bali coffee is one of the best coffee product you can drink in Bali, served hot with strong aroma. Bali coffee was planted since 19th century during the golden era of Klungkung kingdom. On that time, the land of Northern and Western part of this island was cultivated with many kind of agricultural products and coffee was one of it. The area of this plantation mainly covering 3 regencies in Bali, start from Tabanan, Singaraja and Bangli regency. We have two kind of coffee species growing :

 * Robusta is one of coffee species grows in the highland and lives for many years with physical characters : Grow big and high, wide leaves, small round fruits, fragrant flower, many branches and can reach 5-7 meters high from the land. Favorable land for planting is cool climate, terraced land, 700-1000 above sea level.
 * Arabica is one of coffee species grows also in Bali. This species normally is productive between 5-15 years old. Physical characteristic of this species are small trunks, long and narrow leaves, the fruits bigger than Robusta, limited and short branches, can reach 1-2,5 meters high from the land, Suitable planting area at volcanic area with cool climate between 600-1000 above sea level.
 Bali coffee found mostly in the mountain central part of Bali, there are 2 kinds of Bali coffee the farmers grow in Bali is Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee. Every family in Bali who live in the country side grow coffee plantation in the back yard of theirs house too, this is good enough for them, Balinese people will take traditional way to process how they make coffee powder, sometime they mix it with the rice if they don't like the taste of coffee too strong. This process you may see when you have trip to see Mount Batur Volcano.

Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation Nature Resort and Spa is a luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel in North Bali on a working coffee plantation located close by Bali’s central lakes and Munduk hill station. Our hillsides are covered with jungle, coffee trees, rice fields, and pretty much anything that grows on the island. With just a handful of villas and suites on some 5 hectares of land you can enjoy all this in privacy and genuinely relax far away from the crowds.

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