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Kintamani Besakih

This whole day excursion starts by picking you up at the hotel at 08.00 in the morning then drive all the way to Klungkung. We will make a stop at Kerta Gosa which once a place for the administration of traditional justice in pre-colonial times. As the journey continues, enjoy the stunning scenic drive of Bukit Jambul towards the Besakih Temple, dubbed as the Mother Temple located high-up on the slope of Mount Agung. Afterwards drive to the beautiful Kintamani where you will have lunch while enjoying beautiful panoramic of Mount and Lake Batur and then proceed to Agro Wisata. Get a glimpse of Balinese spices on the way to visit  Tirta Empul - a water spring temple.

  1. Kintamani town and the surrounding villages such as Penelokan, and Batur are villages located on the rim of great Batur crater very high from the west and east side. The long ridge is narrow and overlooking the west and east of the area. The west side is low land of central Bali with long distance views and to the east side is the Batur crater with lake and active mount Batur inside. Lake and Mt. Batur is far below the rim where 3 ancient villages are located such as Kedisan, Songan and Trunyan. These 3 villages have been mentioned by a charter issued by Balinese king dated back to 10th century. It is disclosed that since 1000 years ago the area of Kintamani and the surrounding has been crowded with Buddhist monk and people from outside the area to come and settle there. During 13th century it is known that a place just north of Kintamani town named Balingkang related to the latest king of Bali who married Chinese princes. A question weather the palace was located near Kintamani or not is not yet answered by archaeologist, yet the name of Balingkang is not doubt came from Chinese word " Bali - kan " mean king. Ancient heritages in the temple of Balingkang and nearby temple of Panulisan confirm the presence of crowded activities around 13th century in the area. Some stone sculptures are carved with date of carving by local artist named " Empu Bga " and this artist also found to carve a stone carving nearby the city of Gianyar which is separated by a distance of more then 50 kms from Kintamani town. Kintamani beside preserves original and important historical facts of Bali is probably due to it's beautiful panorama that has attracted people from the beginning.
  2. 2 .Visiting Besakih Mother Temple, the biggest temple in Bali, consist of 18 smaller temples complexes, located on the slopes of Mount Agung, known as the "Mother Temple of Bali". Historical facts show that the site has already been a sacred place for Balinese an ancient time before the coming of HInduism in Bali on 8th century. Here is mixed between the concept of Hindu divine and Holy Spirit of ancestor's worship. You will find on the side of main temple is worrshipped the ancestors of almost all clans in Bali

  3. Tirta Empul - a water spring temple located at Tampak Siring, with its old myth described on a manuscript called Usana Bali says that a Balinese arrogant king named Maya Denawa who did not believe in God and objected people to worship. His arrogance made him attacked by the warriors of Bhatara Indra and put him away from the throne. But with his powerful weapons, all warriors of Bhatara Indra were poisoned till dead, by seeing this Bhatara Indra then planted his pole to the earth that sprang water to use sprinkling the dead warriors to revive. Until now this water spring is believed to be the source of life and prosperity.
  4.  Kerta Gosa,  the court House Justice which located the heart of Klungkung town, where among others things you will see the famous Kamasan pintings depicting famous Hindhu legends. It was the most important center of the kingdom of Bali and a great artistic and cultural focal point. Kerta Gosa “ in Klungkung, which the artwork and architecture of the building that makes this site famous .  

  1. Bali Coffee. Walking amongs fields of local fruits, Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla, Clove plantation .Bali coffee found mostly in the mountain central part of Bali, there are 2 kinds of Bali coffee the farmers grow in Bali is Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee. Every family in Bali who live in the country side grow coffee plantation in the back yard of theirs house too, this is good enough for them, Balinese people will take traditional way to process how they make coffee powder, sometime they mix it with the rice if they don't like the taste of coffee too strong. This process you may see when you have trip to see Bedugul Trip

    Robusta is one of coffee species grows in the highland and lives for many years with physical characters : Grow big and high, wide leaves, small round fruits, fragrant flower, many branches and can reach 5-7 meters high from the land. Favorable land for planting is cool climate, terraced land, 700-1000 above sea level.

    Arabica is one of coffee species grows also in Bali. This species normally is productive between 5-15 years old. Physical characteristic of this species are small trunks, long and narrow leaves, the fruits bigger than Robusta, limited and short branches, can reach 1-2,5 meters high from the land, Suitable planting area at volcanic area with cool climate between 600-1000 above sea level.

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Book Today.Price Car Charter Only $ 32/Rp 300.000/ one car maximum 7 people ( Based on Itinerary ( Program ) Above ,Including Petrol ,Air conditional Car , Professional Bali Driver who can speak English well and as tour guide
Half Day Tour Car Charter Denotion / Entrance fee / Ticket
Cooffee Plantation  : Free
Tirta Empul/ Spring Temple  : Entrance fee / Ticket Rp1 5.000/all of you
Kintamani : Denotion Rp 15.000 / pax
 Kerta Gosa : Denotion Rp 15.000 / pax
 Besakih : Denotion Rp 15.000 / pax 
Barong  Dance: Ticket for performace: Rp 100.000/pax

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